We heard from Ibrahim Kazerooni and Rob Prince at the salon on December 10th about the importance of the U.S. rejoining the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) agreement with Iran, also known as “the Iran nuclear deal.” Now is the time to ask our senators and representative to support this effort.

Negotiations in Vienna to restore the JCPOA are drawing to a close. Reports have shown that if all goes well, a deal may be imminent in the coming days. Securing the JCPOA would be a much needed diplomatic ray of light during a time when wars continue to devastate communities across the globe, including in Yemen, Syria, and now Ukraine. Even if a revised JCPOA is signed in Vienna, we may still see a political battle for the fate of the JCPOA here in the U.S. If the deal has significant changes from the original 2015 text of the JCPOA, it may kick off a 30-day legislative fight including votes in Congress on whether or not to reject a deal. 

Please call Senator Bennet, Senator Hickenlooper, and Representative Neguse on Tuesday, March 8th, asking them to support the Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA). Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to call your members of Congress, including a sample script provided by the National Iranian American Council.

Members of Congress are being lobbied hard by our war-hawk opposition –people who would benefit from another war in the Middle East. If we’re going to secure a victory for peace, we need to make sure that Congress hears more from us than they do from them. That’s why NCALF is supporting this national call-in day with organizations like NIAC Action, Win Without War, Friends Committee on National Legislation, and Peace Action.

If you cannot call our Senators on Tuesday, March 8th, please do it later in the week, and thanks!