The primary purpose of the Northern Colorado Alliance for a Livable Future (NCALF) is to engage our community in dialogue about the social and ecological crises our society faces, as well as potential solutions to those crises.  Additionally, we aim to provide an organizational framework for regional grassroots organizations who share our vision of progressive social change.


We understand our system of economic and political domination – capitalism – often promotes division along lines of class, color, gender, religion, ability, sexual orientations, and age.  Its development has been and continues to be characterized by imperialism, militarism, and war; environmental destruction; the exploitation of workers; gross inequality; multiple layers of oppression against those designated as “other;” and the suppression of democracy. 

Collectively we seek to build more just, healthy relationships between people of all backgrounds and to establish a more sustainable, dynamic balance between humans and the Earth.  We work on healing social and environmental fractures and disconnections at the local level and lend both moral and material support to other organizations working for progressive social change at the state, national, and international levels.

NCALF is currently comprised of the following three affiliates:

The Fort Collins Sustainability Group (FCSG). The FCSG develops and advocates strategies for becoming a sustainable community, with a focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions to levels consistent with a stable climate. Visit our website here.

NoCo Garden Local Empowerment and Advocacy Network (GLEAN). NoCo GLEAN fosters a network of home growers and home producers sharing knowledge and skills to build social and environmental resilience. Visit our website here.

Partners for Peace (P4P). P4P envisions a global society founded on respect for nature, universal human rights, economic justice, and a culture of peace.  We recognize these as universal, interdependent, and interconnected. Through education and advocacy we challenge the role and consequences of militarism in U.S. culture.  We support actions and policies which elevate peace, nonviolence and justice, both domestically and globally.  Please contact us at partnersforpeacefc@gmail.com.

Contact NCALF or any of its three affiliates at:

P.O. Box 405, Fort Collins, CO 80522

e-mail: info@ncalf.org

Ph. 970-484-3141