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Sign the petition calling for CSU to DIVEST NOW!

Colorado State University has more than $7 MILLION of its endowment invested in fossil fuels. We’d like to change that. Sign the petition calling for CSU to DIVEST NOW!

We challenge CSU to use its power as the socio-political, economic, and academic center of Fort Collins and the greater Northern Colorado area to move its money from the fossil fuel industry and advocate for a sustainable and just future.

For a university that places so much value on its STARS sustainability rating and paints itself as progressive and environmentally aware, they continue to fund the fossil fuel industry. It is undeniable that the extraction and burning of fossil fuels are causing the climate crisis, and by investing in such, CSU remains complicit in combating it. As a community, we can create a change. Join our movement today, sign the petition or email to get involved. 


Ask Representative Neguse to Oppose the Drift Toward Nuclear War


Provide Feedback on Updating the Fort Collins Land Use Code

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  1. Janice Brown

    We must stop the extraction of and burning of fossil fuels. Stop funding the industry!

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