On June 13th, the Fort Collins City Council will discuss how to pay for a number of City initiatives, including our climate programs. One of the funding mechanisms under consideration is a “Large Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emitter Tax,” which would make Fort Collins’ largest polluters help pay for things like public transit, bike and pedestrian pathways, home energy efficiency and electrification, and EV charging stations.

Councilmembers need to hear from us before June 13th to encourage them to move the Large GHG Emitter Tax forward to the ballot this November. Please write to them at CityLeaders@fcgov.com and tell them that you want to have the opportunity to vote on this tax. A sample letter appears below. Additional information and “talking points” are available in this slide deck from the salon presentation given on this topic on May 12th. See in particular slides 12 – 15. Customize your letter if you have time, but if you don’t, just send the following:

To: CityLeaders@fcgov.com

Subject: Please let the voters decide on a Large GHG Emitter Tax

Dear Mayor Arndt and Councilmembers Gutowsky, Pignataro, Canonico, Peel, Ohlson, and Francis:

Please support moving the Large GHG Emitter Tax forward for voter consideration this November. It’s important that this tax be included as an option because:

  • More funding is needed than can be raised by the regressive fees and taxes proposed by the City’s Finance Department to pay for climate programs.
  • Regressive fees and taxes should not be the only way we fund our climate programs.
  • As Arthur Pigou said years ago, negative externalities should be taxed to reduce undesirable outcomes.

Although Broadcom and Anheuser Busch – Fort Collins’ two largest corporate GHG emitters – have made promises to reduce their emissions substantially during this decade, a Large GHG Emitter Tax would be a good tool to help ensure they follow through.  This is especially important given the recent announcement that Apple recently entered into a multibillion deal with Broadcom to manufacture 5G radio frequency components, mostly at Broadcom’s Fort Collins facility.

Everyone has an interest in solving the climate crisis. Those most responsible for the crisis should be required to step up. Broadcom and Anheuser-Busch have the wherewithal to help fund our community’s efforts to address that crisis. Please let the voters decide in November!


[Name and Council District*]

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